Helping buy a brand new minibus for a charitable transportation service for the elderly and disabled, for the lonely and vulnerable

BARN (Bromsgrove and Redditch Network) is a volunteer network in Redditch. Their free-to-ride minibus (BURT) makes about 6,000 journeys a year, providing a lifeline to isolated members of the community. BURT transports those with dementia, the elderly and disabled and carers in need of respite to their destinations. Some passengers have mobility issues and cannot use public transport.

BARN’s transportation service for the elderly and disabled helps people get to dementia clubs, fitness classes for people with disabilities and life-after-stroke sessions. Without the service, many would no longer have the means to visit friends, attend health appointments or even go shopping. Until recently, this vital service was under threat: the current minibus is old and unreliable. Its constant need for repair was causing cancellations and preventing BARN from expanding the service.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £5000 will go towards the purchase of a new minibus so that BURT can continue to help vulnerable and isolated people get to their destinations.

“This has made such a huge difference to so many people,” Gary Roskell, CEO told us. “BURT is more than just a transportation service for the elderly and disabled. For our users we’re a lifeline, and it is heartbreaking when we have to cancel journeys because our current minibus has broken down again.

“The feedback from the passengers about the new minibus you helped us buy has been really good. The new minibus has been designed to have a lower floor, making it easier for people to get on; the tail lift is smooth and modern, making access that way a safer and more pleasant experience; it is clean and smart, making passenger journeys more comfortable; it has a separate heater in the passenger section just in time for these chilly winter mornings.

“We really appreciate the contribution you made to purchasing the minibus, and it is already making a difference to our passengers. We can’t thank the Axis Foundation enough for this.”