Children are now able to explore their imagination in a safe and fun environment as a result of our funding for garden equipment.

Carmel Caterpillars pre-school is a committee run service in Sittingbourne that has been running for over 44 years. It has given parents in the community a safe place for their children to learn and play.
The pre-school that operates within the local church hall, currently runs morning and afternoon sessions, each of which have around 30 children attending. The pre-school has access to a small garden which was in dire need of some TLC.

Lorrae Mannering, Senior Administrator at Axis, has a son who attends the pre-school and she suggested the Axis Foundation to the pre-school to see if we could help.
The Axis Foundation donated £650 to fund garden equipment and craft materials which were used to revitalise the garden and develop existing equipment to create a more exciting space for children.

Louise Leppenwell, Carmel Caterpillars Pre-School commented: “The donation from the Axis Foundation has been amazing and is really benefitting the children and will continue to do so for years to come. We’d all like to say a very big thank you from us and the children and an extra special thank you to Lorrae for helping to organise the funding.”

Carmel Caterpillars believe that ‘Children learn through play’ and aim to ensure that the children who attend are free to choose from a range of activities that will help to develop and learn.’

The donation they received helped to buy: fencing, a new roof for playhouse, pirate ship, new drying rack, paints, easel, craft materials, toys, paint brushes, flower pots and plants. The funding for garden equipment has supported the pre-school to continue to provide the children with something new and exciting to keep them engaged and simply be children.