Homeless man being served food in The Passage homeless kitchen.Community

The Passage

A day-care centre that offers help for the homeless are able to improve their facilities and services through donation.

The Passage is a day-care centre that operates for the homeless, providing food and shelter, as well as two hostels for vulnerable rough sleepers at night. The centre is used by up to 200 people a day for both men and women, offering basic care, advice, health care re- homing help, education, training and hostel accommodation.

Westminster has the highest concentration of homeless rough sleepers in the country. There is a pressing need to both provide care for them with basic services and to support them to rebuild their lives. The Passage strives to achieve this by helping them access benefits they may be entitled to and by offering educational support so that they can find accommodation and maybe a way of income.

The Axis Foundation has aided The Passage in continuing their support for people in the Westminster area by donating £5,000. This donation will look to furnish the bedrooms in their main hostel and help fund new bedding, towels, table lamps, clock radios and cleaning kits so residents have a clean atmosphere and a pleasant feel to the place.

Over the years a number of Axis people have used their 1 volunteering day a year to volunteer at the passage to help out the homeless in the areas we work.  We have also donated painting equipment with staff volunteering their time to refurbish rooms and several corridors at the Passage Homeless Shelter.

In one year it took £3.9m to run their 48 bed shelter, the day centre and provide support including; mental health care, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, shelter for older homeless people, education and training for employment.
Axis recognised the importance of the Passage’s work and shares the centre’s ethos of providing a hand up rather than a hand out, something Axis employs within the social housing communities in which they work.


Elderly man on specialist mattress to help patients in palliative care at St lukesCare

St Luke’s Hospice

Foundation funds unique specialist mattress to help patients in palliative care.

In 2014, the Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,800 purchased a specialist mattress to help patients in palliative care at St Luke’s Hospice in Essex.

St Luke’s Hospice provides specialist medical, nursing, social and psychological care to people suffering with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses such as advanced cancer, heart failure and multiple sclerosis.

Patients here spend prolonged periods of time sitting and lying down due to the nature of their severe illnesses. Our mattress, of a unique construction combining air with a soft foam surface designed specifically to alleviate pressure, was particularly beneficial.

As the Hospice relies on donations for over 75% of the funding needed to continue their work, Allison Jones, the Hospice’s Funding Officer was delighted with our donation:

“Without the generosity of organisations like the Axis Foundation, we could not provide care service to the people suffering from these terrible illnesses or support the families who suffer along with them. It’s vital for our community that Hospice’s services are available for those in need; the organisations and individuals that fund us demonstrate our value to the community.”

St Luke’s is a registered charity serving the Basildon and Thurrock districts providing patients and their families with vital care services at no financial cost.

Shooting Star nurse on home visits to families caring for a life-limited childCare

Shooting Star Chase

Donation funds Hospice from Home visits to families caring for a life-limited child

Shooting Star Chase’s ‘Hospice at Home’ scheme brings care to children approaching the end of their life in their own homes. The sick children are in familiar surroundings, with their family and their own home comforts. The service brings the same medical, nursing and therapeutic care as the hospices offer.

The scheme gives families the chance to relax a little and do chores around the house or even go out, knowing that their child is in the best care.

To support this vital service, the Axis Foundation donated a total of £2,508 (£1,140 in 2013, £1,368 in 2014) which funded over 20 home visits to families caring for a life-limited child.

With gratitude

Thanking the Foundation for the donations, Brian Gallagher of Shooting Star Chase said: “We now have one of the largest Hospice at Home teams in the country. We recorded an average of 250 home visits to families caring for a life-limited child per month. Yet, this is only made possible through the wonderful support from organisations like the Axis Foundation. Thank you.”

Elaine Conisbee, Interim Director of Care at Shooting Star CHASE says: “Care is constantly changing and we need to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the families we support. The Hospice at Home team plays a vital role allowing parents to be Mum and Dad, not just care givers. We’ll continue to develop the service so that the children and families we support can have the care they so desperately need in the location of their choice. We are very grateful for the donation from The Axis Foundation.”

One of the families which uses the Hospice at Home service said: “When things become too much, and you really can’t see a way out of the dark hole you are in, the hospice proves that someone else really does care.”

Another family said: “The Hospice at Home service is amazing. I feel like I’ve been on a mini-holiday, recharging my batteries and putting me in very good spirits.”

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice and CHASE Hospice for Children merged together to form Shooting Star Chase and to care for over 600 families living all across western London, Surrey and West Sussex who have a child or teenager not expected to reach their nineteenth birthday.

Sign outside Charlton Athletic's stadiumDonations

Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Axis Foundation donates £85,000 towards Charlton Athletic Community Trust over 4 years, helping to provide opportunities for young people in deprived communities.

The Axis Foundation and Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s (CACT) partnership began in 2010 and collaborated to support thousands of young people over four years. The partnership formed an important part of the Foundation’s history, and CACT’s inspirational work continues to this day.

CACT is a community programme led by Charlton Athletic Football Club that engages with thousands of people across London and Kent. The trust delivers a football development programme for young people from toddlers to aspiring professionals. On top of this, they support those who are disadvantaged with health improvement, employment, crime prevention and educational programmes.

“The achievements of the Trust and their staff are outstanding, they’ve chosen a sport that breaks down barriers and applied their skills and experience to the maximum benefit of the deprived and those in need of help.” John Hayes, Founder of the Axis Foundation.

Close Connections

The Axis Foundation has always had a close connection with Charlton Athletic. The foundation’s founder, John Hayes, is a lifelong Charlton fan, and Alan Curbishley, a Charlton legend, is the foundation’s patron. In 2011, the Axis Foundation became a patron of the Charlton Challenge Award Scheme and CACT’s estate-based coaching sessions. Over four years, we donated a total of £85,000 to the trust, helping them to support some of the most deprived communities in South East London and Kent.

Footballer greets charlton upbeats players from charlton athletic community trust

“John and the Axis Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of the Trust. He has been involved with the estate-based sessions and the Charlton Challenge for the past five years; becoming a Patron of these strands cements his support and belief in the Trust’s work.” Jason Morgan, Chief Executive of the Charlton Trust.

The Charlton Challenge

The Charlton Challenge is a scheme, led by FA qualified coaches, that aims to develop children’s core football skills. The course is delivered in sports centres across five London boroughs and is attended by over 1,000 boys and girls every week, many of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Estate Based Coaching

The Axis Foundation was the sole sponsor and patron of CACT’s Estate Based Coaching. The social inclusion programme runs a variety of sporting activities in deprived communities to 2,000 children every week. This includes leagues and coaching sessions in: football, basketball, dance, self-defence, boxing and fishing. The scheme provides a pathway for youngsters, such as 21-year-old Jonathan, to pursue their ambitions. CACT’s mentorship helped him to gain his first FA Football Coaching qualification:

“The FA Level 1 has helped me with my confidence to teach others what I have learnt. It was a very good experience and a challenge to teach people with different abilities. I just want to thank the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and the Axis Foundation for giving me such a great opportunity to pursue coaching.” Jonathan Peters, Beneficiary of Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Trustees giving a cheque to the Trinity Hospice.Care

Trinity Hospice

Funds donated by the Axis Foundation are helping a hospice in South West London support over 2,000 terminally ill patients and their families with end of life care.

Trinity Hospice support people through end of life care, with their main aim to ‘live every moment.’ The charity provides both in-patient and home care to people with a range of conditions, from cancer to neurological illnesses, as well as respite and education services to their families.
Trustee, Mick Hayes, said about the donation: “Providing care for members of our community is at the heart of the Axis Foundation’s objectives. We see Trinity’s specialist services as vital to improving the quality of life for sufferers and helping them through the medical choices and stages for their illness.”
The Hospice is majority funded by charitable donations, such as the £5,250 from the Axis Foundation which was used to purchase 10 pressure relieving mattress for the in-patient centre.

“Many patients are admitted to us in the later stages of their condition and are confined to bed with limited mobility, explained Zahra Khan of Trinity Hospice. The mattresses specially designed to support end of life care are an essential piece of equipment, able to prevent painful and uncomfortable symptoms, they minimise the risk of pressure build-ups and create a massaging effect that promotes sleeping patterns. The purchase of 10 new mattresses will benefit hundreds of patients over the coming years.”

Axis Foundation Trustees and Demelza staff group together outside Demelza office.Demelza

Demelza 2013

Demezla patron DJ Dave Berry accepts Foundation Cheque on behalf of Demelza. 

This years total funds raised for Demelza totalled  £48,000.Capital FM presenter and Demelza Ambassador, Dave Berry, received the latest donation from the Axis Foundation at Demelza’s offices in Sittingbourne.

Thanking everyone who contributed to the £48,000 he said:
“This is a phenomenal amount to have raised and will provide invaluable support to the children and families Demelza looks after.
“Axis clearly has some extremely committed and generous people working within it, and it is to them I would like to express my deepest thanks.”

As he is local to south east London and the Eltham hospice, Berry has seen much of the work conducted by the Demelza locally. He and fellow patrons including Daniel Radcliffe, Jayne Torville and Gary Lineker are similarly committed to supporting the work of our charity partner.
Berry is also involved in other local charities also supported by the Axis Foundation including the Charlton Athletic Trust where he supports the new youth services programme.

This donation alike all our donations will go towards the fantastic ‘Adopt a Nurse’ project. The nurses work with both the children and families to provide the care and support at a time they need it the most. Without the help of these specialist nurses, children and families may not get the care and support they need.
The charity provides excellent family support services, short breaks so families can have respite, essential therapies and end of life care across East Sussex, Kent and South East London.

Carer with elderly patient at St Josephs hospiceCare

St Joseph’s Hospice

South East London hospice can buy specialist machine for Lymphoedema sufferers with Foundation’s donation

£4,000 from the Axis Foundation purchased St Joseph’s Hospice a Flowtron Hydroven 12. This is a specialist machine for Lymphoedema sufferers to relieve the pain and swelling that are common with this condition.

Thanking the Foundation, Kim Barlow, Specialist Palliative Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Practitioner at the East London hospice said:

“Receiving funding from the Axis Foundation is brilliant news and our patients will definitely benefit from this donation.

“Lymphoedema can be extremely disfiguring and health services are specialist and scarce so very often people miss out on getting treatment that can help.

“The Hydroven 12 machine will offer treatment to those people that would otherwise not be able to access or tolerate other lymphoedema treatments.

“It will enable people to have treatment in their own home and continue to work and live a normal life, which is vital to people who have a life-limiting condition. We are extremely grateful to all those involved.”

What is Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the arms or legs. It develops when the lymphatic system doesn’t work properly.

How The Flowtron Hydroven 12 works

The Flowtron Hydroven 12 machine has an arm and leg sleeve, which inflates and deflates to massage the lymph channels and glands, encouraging drainage of fluid out of an enlarged limb. The machine mimics the practitioner’s lymphatic drainage hand massage technique

Benefits for sufferers

  • Flowtron Hydroven 12 sessions are shorter than those with a clinical practitioner
  • Sufferers can experience a beneficial 10- -day course of treatment at home without having to take time off work/interrupt their lives


Exterior shot of St Clare Hospice with signCare

St Clare Hospice

Foundation’s McKinley T34 Syringe Drivers provide Hospice patients with pain relief at home

The Axis Foundation has donated £3,405 to St Clare Hospice in Essex to purchase two McKinley T34 Syringe Drivers.These important specialist pieces of clinical equipment  provide Hospice patients with pain relief at home. And, with greater control over their own pain management, patients requires less intervention from a nurse so they can lead more independent lives.

St Clare’s Director of Patient Care, Louise Cameron, explains how they work: “The Syringe Driver is a small battery-powered pump that delivers medication from a syringe through a soft plastic tube placed under the skin.
“These small pumps provide continuous prescribed doses of medication to alleviate symptoms such as pain and nausea, sickness and fitting. Syringe drivers also ensure that patients do not have to undergo repeated painful injections or take medicine when they have trouble swallowing.”

Louise added her thanks: “Syringe drivers are crucial for our patient care services. We are grateful to the Axis Foundation for enabling the Hospice to buy these vital pieces of clinical equipment.”

St Clare Hospice provides specialist care for people living with life-limiting illnesses in the west Essex and east Hertfordshire border area. The charity cares for patients and their families, providing physical, social, psychological and spiritual support. St Clare Hospice’s annual running costs total £2.8m, 70 per cent of which comes from voluntary income.

Man teaching life skills to disadvantaged children at Sport 4 LifeDonations

Sport 4 Life

Axis Foundation donates £2,000 towards Sport 4 Life to tackle youth unemployment.

Sport 4 Life is a charity that helps people aged 12 to 29 to build better futures through their sports-themed personal development programmes. They aim to tackle youth unemployment at the source by providing mentoring, structured sports sessions and accredited training to marginalised young people.

Their ‘Be Positive’ programme targets 13 to 25-year olds who have struggled at school, endured difficult home lives, or developed behavioural issues. It helps them to build confidence, develop life skills and gain qualifications through structured educational and development activities.

The Axis Foundation has donated £2,000 towards the ‘Be Positive’ programme, directly benefitting the 90 disadvantaged young males who are enrolled on the course. Furthermore, the wider community will benefit from increased youth engagement and subsequent reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Educational workshops at Sports 4 Life focus on key inner-city issues such as alcohol, drugs, sexual health and knife crime. They are designed to improve the behaviour, attitudes, and self-esteem of the youngsters involved. The Axis Foundation’s donation will also purchase much needed educational resources which the charity previously had no funding for.

“Sport 4 Life are incredibly grateful for the generous donation received from the Axis Foundation. This financial support will enable us to provide sports-themed educational programmes to some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people, and to support them to gain qualifications, transform their behaviour, and ultimately build themselves a better future.

“We look forward to using the donation to further our charitable work and help disadvantaged young people.” James Forrest, Manager of Sport 4 Life

Woman carer standing next to elderly man and child at St Johns HospiceCare

St John’s Hospice

St John’s hospice uses a generous donation from the Axis Foundation to purchase new multi-purpose chairs for their patients with limited mobility.

St John’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care services to over 2,000 people each year suffering from life-limiting illnesses or long-term conditions.

The Axis Foundation donated £4,470 to the hospice, buying three patient chairs to help patients to sit and stand, as well as aiding nurses with bed transfers and hoisting.

The hospice, based in Central London, is the largest palliative care provider in Westminster and cares for people suffering from cancer, HIV, motor neurone disease and other terminal illnesses.

People in their care need support with a wide range of symptoms including acute pain, severe mobility problems, anxiety, breathlessness and weight loss. This includes patients with advanced neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and brain tumours.

Before the support of the Axis Foundation, chairs at the hospice were low in number and of poor quality. Due to our donation, the new chairs will facilitate simple tasks such as sitting and standing. They also provide extra support for those who are unable to maintain their body posture. The chairs provide more than just physical support to patients with limited mobility; it helps them to build up their confidence, self-esteem and independence again.

 ‘I was delighted to hear the wonderful news of support from the Axis Foundation. I cannot thank the Foundation enough for this generous grant of £4,470 for new specialist patient chairs for use on our Inpatient Unit. Upgrading patient seating will allow us to meet the increasingly specialised needs of patients and maintain our high standards of care.’ Steve Barnes, the Hospice Director

Previous Support from the Axis Foundation

In 2014, the Axis Foundation donated £2,000 to the hospice. This enabled them to purchase specialist laser equipment that helps patients with limited mobility due to painful swelling and heaviness in their limbs.

The laser reduces patients’ pain and discomfort through its ability to soften tissue and reduce limb swelling.  It can also improve scar tissue (post mastectomy), increase the time it takes to heal wounds and boosts the immune system.

The laser specifically helps those suffering from upper and lower limb Lymphoedema. Without adequate treatment, lymphoedema can have major effects, including long-term disability, difficulties with work and emotional problems.

“We are very grateful for voluntary grants and donations like this from The Axis Foundation which enables us to provide a much-loved service to vulnerable people with life-limiting illnesses.” Laura Marazzi, Trust Fundraising Manager.

A Message from St John’s Hospice on our 10th Birthday

For our 10th Birthday, St John’s Hospice had a message of thanks for the Axis family: