Kids boxing at crime prevention scheme in sandwell.Donations

Sandwell Asian Development Association

Sandwell Asian Development Association’s (SADA) inner-city Boxing Scheme prevents young people engaging in crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £1000 purchased computers and boxing equipment so SADA can continue in this vital work of crime prevention which is proving to be very successful in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

Here SADA has opened the Alpine Gymnasium and Community Centre which runs amateur boxing classes, weight training, cardio sessions and boxercise classes as well as a homework support club. They offer an eight-week boxing course for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). Ten of these young people are given the opportunity to be trained in amateur boxing by professional trainers. At the end of the course the youngsters are given an opportunity to see a boxing show and continue with their fitness training.

Young people are referred to SADA by the West Midlands police and youth and probation services. This crime prevention scheme is supported by West Midlands police, Sandwell Council and ex-world boxing champion Ritchie Woodhall.

“The boxing training has helped me to improve as a person and respect my elders. Thank you” – service user

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Walsall Wood Colliers Under 12s Football TeamDonations

Walsall Wood Colliers U12s Football Team

League winning U12s Football Team receives a generous sum from the Foundation.

Walsall Wood Colliers Under 12s is one of Walsall Wood FC’s many junior youth teams. The Colliers’ Manager and Coach is Julian Worrall who has been in this role for six years. Julian volunteers a large amount of his ‘spare’ time to coach and manage his junior youth team which numbers 18 in all.

“We are very focused on the community at Walsall Wood FC,” Julian says. “Our aim in the Junior Youth League is to encourage and develop children to play sport and to be part of a team. We get them off their computers and outside.”

As Julian’s son used to play for the Colliers too, he is in a good position to know the benefits of playing in a youth squad for young people.

He says: “I like seeing how the children develop over the years. Some of them started in our Academy and have the opportunity to go right on through to the Senior team on their footballing journey. They are like an extended family.”

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £370 will help towards buying the U12s football team a brand new kit in their home colour, red, for next season. Here are the league winners in their away kit of blue and yellow.

There are over 30 teams at Walsall Wood FC which is a registered charity and Chartered FA Club: from the Academy 5-7s to the Under 18s including girls teams and (soon) a team for people with disability. All the coaches/managers are FA licensed and all are volunteers.

I was absolutely delighted to receive the donation from Axis Foundation on behalf of Walsall Wood Colliers. This will help us kit out our team for next season. The coaches put in a lot of hours running a team and every bit of help is welcome as we rely on donations and sponsorship for all our kit and equipment which enable the kids to train and play.”
Julian Worrall, Coach and Manager

Young Man at the Fluence Foundation being helped with his communication skillsDonations


Foundation donation helps people to gain literacy skills, leading to prospects of education and employment.

Fluence Foundation helps vulnerable adults and young people, including the homeless and ex-offenders, improve communication skills.

Those without basic communication (reading, writing, talking) skills become vulnerable, dependent and isolated, finding it hard to connect with others, to engage with society. They are often unable to access employment, training or education to improve their lot. West Midlands-based Fluence runs support sessions using a catch-up, one-to-one intervention called Communicate. They report a significant beneficial impact on the confidence and literacy/communication skills of the people they help in a very short time.

Communicate diagnoses areas of weakness, then focuses on teaching high-frequency language and key grammar rules. Its learning structure uses repetition and achievable successes to ensure the learner grows in confidence and masters the language. Training in speaking clearly and making eye contact, answering a phone or being interviewed is also given – all are examples of communication that, when mastered, lead ultimately to independence.

The Fluence Foundation has successfully run three projects: two helped ex-offenders towards employment; the third gave unemployed adults the literacy skills to access training and employment.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £2,400 will purchase the licence for the Communicate software to help 30 more people gain literacy and communication skills so they can receive formal education and gain employment.

“On behalf of the Fluence Foundation, I would like to thank Axis Foundation for their kind donation to our project. With your help we will be able to help the homeless clients of Birmingham Crisis by diagnosing any literacy difficulties they might have and provide practical support to overcome these difficulties. Doing so will ensure they have the skills needed to access the other services Crisis provide and stand a better chance of being able to improve their situation”
Paul Bruton, Project Co-Ordinator

Interactive Sensory System for young people with disabilitiesCommunity


Axis Foundation grant supplies youth club with a new interactive play system for their members.

TAG youth club in Richmond provides a safe, stimulating and engaging environment where young people with disabilities, between 8 and 25 years of age, can meet up with friends and enjoy activities including arts, drama, music and sport.

TAG’s Youth workers help the young people with disabilities here develop their self awareness and self esteem as and learn social and life skills too. This vital work takes place in the well-equipped, safe centre in Richmond and also in the wider community locally.

Our donation of £5,000 helped purchase a Magic Mirror sensory system for TAG. The Magic Mirror is the only interactive projection system that allows users of different ages and abilities to play and learn together. It supports national curriculum SEN learning responding to the slightest movement, supporting multiple access methods such as gesture, eye gaze, mouse and touch, and projects a variable image catering for wheelchair accessibility.

“A massive thank you to the Axis Foundation. This grant is enabling us to purchase a 3D motion censored sensory system which allows young people with disabilities to play interactive games”
Giles Hobart, Lead Youth Worker



Foundation supplies a generous sum to HOPE, assisting them to provide support for children with epilepsy and their families.

At HOPE children with epilepsy can meet each other, have fun, learn to “enjoy life” and not feel so alone. Volunteers play with the children and their siblings and provide respite for the parents. HOPE encourages parents of children with epilepsy and carers to meet, relax over refreshments, share information and build relationships. This helps reduce stress and anxiety enabling them to be better emotionally equipped to support their child.

Overall, HOPE aims to promote awareness regarding the problems and circumstances of families living with epilepsy. The children who attend London-based HOPE suffer from complex epilepsy with different seizure types. Many have other conditions associated with complex epilepsy such as autism, developmental delay, ADHD and physical disabilities.

HOPE’s Anti Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Project provides Anti Suffocation Pillows free of charge to any child living in the Greater London area who suffers from convulsive seizures.

Collage of children with epilepsy at hope

The Axis Foundation’s £2,000 donation will buy Anti-Suffocation Pillows for children with Epilepsy. Anti Suffocation Pillows help those lying face down with convulsive seizures to breathe more easily thereby helping to prevent brain damage and death.

“The HOPE Team are absolutely thrilled that the Axis Foundation has agreed to make a donation to help HOPE fund Anti Suffocation Pillows for children with Complex Epilepsy. From the bottom of my heart thank you to you all at the Axis Foundation for this generous donation! We can help so many children now with our Anti Suffocation Pillow Project. It’s truly amazing and We are over the moon. Once again, thank you Axis Foundation for assisting us carrying on our work”
Dr Nadine Gurr – Chair

“We are extremely grateful to the Axis Foundation for their kind donation to HOPE. Childhood epilepsy can be stressful for the whole family, particularly as many children with epilepsy also have additional needs. This generous donation will help us in our aim to support children with epilepsy and their families. It will be used to buy Anti-Suffocation Pillows, which families tell us can help to reduce their worries about their children sleeping in their own bedrooms at night”
Dr Sophie Bennett – Vice Chair

Swimming lessons funding being given to young boyDonations

Tommy Brown Fund

Funding from Axis provides swimming lessons for young Tommy, helping him to stay active.

In March 2012 Tommy Brown contracted the ‘B strain’ of meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. The disease was so aggressive and extensive that he was given only a 5 per cent chance of survival. Despite this, he defied the odds and did survive; but his parents were given the devastating news that he was going have to lose all four of his limbs. In total, Tommy spent a total of three months in hospital undergoing surgery, including six weeks in the intensive care unit.

Julie Tuckley, Tommy’s mum said: “It makes me cry to see Tommy alert and looking about, then looking at where his hands and legs used to be, as if he is wondering where they are. It was so painful to see him suffer and go through the operations – we’re very lucky to still have our beautiful boy.”

Seven years later, Tommy is now a courageous young boy who adapts remarkably well to everyday life and the challenges thrown at him. He loves swimming; and has swimming lessons at local swimming baths. When he is swimming Tommy says he feels free.

Our donation of £1,600 is funding Tommy’s swimming lessons for a year.

Help for children who have a disability affecting their movement control.Disability

The Movement Centre

The Movement Centre offers a specialist therapy, Targeted Training, which helps children who have a disability affecting their movement control.

Unique to The Movement Centre, Targeted Training combines a specialist standing frame and physiotherapy. The child remains in an upright position while the standing frame stabilises and supports him. Daily practise is essential so encouraging and engaging the child is an important part of Targeted Training.

A course of Targeted Training can help children: gain head control, so they can interact with their family; develop the skills to sit unaided, so that they can play with their friends and even learn to walk, so they can be far more independent. Goals are specific and measurable and detailed reports are written at each assessment and at the end of the course, where all outcome measures are reviewed. These are shared with the family and the child’s other clinicians.

Many of the children who come to the Shropshire-based Movement Centre have Cerebral Palsy or Global Developmental Delay, but Targeted Training therapy can also be suitable for children who have an acquired brain injury, Down Syndrome and other Genetic Disorders.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3000 will give children who come to The Movement Centre a personalised activity pack and enhance the sensory items at the Centre.

“We are extremely grateful to the Axis Foundation for their generous support of The Movement Centre. We provide a specialist therapy called Targeted Training to help children with movement disabilities to gain control of their movement, which means they can have far more independence. The grant will enable us to create activity packs and purchase sensory item so that we can enhance our therapy sessions. This will give the children who come to The Movement Centre an even better chance of reaching their full potential”
Victoria Handbury-Madin, Chief Executive

“Parents were very pleased with the support and treatment their children received at the centre and reported they were ‘amazed’ at the progress their children were making”
Care Quality Commission

These are reports from parents of children who have a disability affecting their movement control

“We feel more confident that Eddie is ready for each new step! The regular follow ups are brilliant.”

“The Movement Centre team have given Henry the confidence and strength that he needs on his road to independence, we can’t thank you enough.”

“Absolutely amazing team, working wonders with our son Harry. Couldn’t be any more happy.”

“It’s been one of the best things we could have done for Rosa. Her life has changed for the better because of the treatment from The Movement Centre.”

“Everyone/all the family has benefitted greatly from Targeted Training and the help and the support we’ve received from TMC.”

“It’s given our son an amazing chance to work towards his independence.”

Live performances for patrons with additional needsDisability

Worcester Live

The Axis Foundation provides a grant for Worcester Live helping them to make theatre experiences accessible for all.

Worcester Live has increased the access for 1250 people at the Worcester Rep by offering patrons with additional needs signed performances – for deaf and hearing impaired patrons; audio described performances – for blind and visual impaired patrons and relaxed performance – for audience members with specific disabilities such as autism, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, spectrum conditions and dementia.

By providing these specialised performances for patrons with additional needs Worcester Live enables a section of society to fully engage with the performances they attend and enjoy and gain more from their theatre experiences.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £3000 to Worcester Live will go towards paying for the expert specialised trained interpreter who will deliver signed performances for deaf and hearing-impaired patrons and also to necessary specialised equipment. This will help Worcester Live continue to provide this service of access for patrons with disabilities and specialised needs.

“We are delighted to have received the donation from the Axis Foundation, which will help us in reaching out to our patrons with additional needs. The support, which is so valuable, will help us in providing Signed, Audio Described and Relaxed performances at the Swan Theatre during the next year.

“We are so thrilled to be able to offer minority groups in our community the opportunity to come into our venue and see shows, knowing they are being provided for at a level that is right for them and accessing the performances no matter what their additional needs may be.

“Thank you for helping us to make the magic of live theatre become real for all our community.”
Chris Jaeger, Chief Executive, Worcester Live

Man and boy at gym in adaptive sports centreDonations


Foundation supplies a cheque of £5,000 to OXSRAD, a centre that provides adaptive sports.

At OXSRAD 500 people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities can enjoy the benefits of exercise and activities to the limit of their abilities.

In addition, the adaptive sports centre is a great place to gather and meet people socially. Many people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities come here for company, a cup of tea and a chat with like-minded individuals. The centre reduces isolation and loneliness in an already marginalised group. Other users will come to the centre for rehabilitation following an accident or injury. The centre also plays a vital role in the local community and is used by over 1200 local residents, associate groups and able-bodied members. If OXSRAD didn’t exist, many users would simply have nowhere to go.

The centre, based in Oxfordshire, provides various activities and adaptive sports programs such as Rebound Therapy, Archery, Over 50s’ Keep Fit, Gym Classes, Zumba, spinning, a spa bath for water therapy, a sensory room, studio, sports hall, fully equipped adapted gym, bar and café area. The OXSRAD building, opened by Princess Diana, is now nearly 30 years old and still uses the original boiler system to heat the building and supply hot water. OXSRAD secured £5,000 from Sport England and the Axis Foundation’s donation will match this to fix the boiler.

“Securing this funding means that we won’t have to worry about the boiler breaking down any more and will have hot water throughout the centre for years to come. We are extremely grateful to Axis for providing the funding for our boiler project. AXIS is a continued supporter of OXSRAD and makes a real difference to the services that we can offer to our members including people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities and the local community”
Sarah Buy, Fundraising Manager

Axis Foundation trustees present 2018 cheque to DemelzaDemelza

Demelza 2018

At the second Alan Curbishley Celebrity Golf Day in May 2018, the Axis Foundation presented Demelza Hospice Care for Children with a cheque for £70,000 which takes the total Axis/Axis Foundation donation to Demelza nearly £540,000.

John Hayes, Axis Europe’s CEO, presented the cheque to our charity partner saying: “Demelza has remained dear to the hearts of all Axis people for a long time and we shall continue to support this incredible charity in their work ‘adding life to days when days cannot be added to life.’ I know that I speak for everyone at Axis when I say how profoundly moved and delighted we are to have a charity partner which has such an impact on those lives it touches.

“I am delighted to be presenting to Demelza a cheque for £70,000 from all of us at Axis, knowing that this donation will make a real difference in Demelza’s hands.”

Ryan Campbell CBE, Chief Executive, Demelza Hospice Care for Children said: “Axis Europe and the Axis Foundation have been fantastic to us with unwavering, constant support for the last 14 years, raising over £540,000. We are so proud to be one of Axis’s chosen charities.
We are overwhelmed every year by their kindness and generosity to the extremely ill children we support. We really couldn’t continue to provide our tailored, expert care to so many families without them.
“On behalf of these babies, children and teenagers and their families; our staff and our volunteers, thank you so so much”