Arden Forest football team players posing in their green and yellow football kit.Donations

Arden Forest FC

Our donation helped purchase an especially branded kit for the junior football club’s Under 15s side, which they can wear with pride.

Based in Solihull, West Midlands, Arden Forest FC is a junior football club that plays in the Central Warwickshire Youth League, challenging teams from Leamington and Warwick and the West Midlands area. The junior football club which was founded in 1981 and is run by volunteers, gives local boys and girls the chance to work together, encouraging team spirit, hard work and lots of goals!

Teams range from Under 7s to Under 15s: in 2017 the u14s won the Treble of the premier league and two cups! Such champions – local to our office in Oldbury – deserve good kit, and the Axis Foundation is sponsoring branded tracksuits and kit bags for their Under 15s side with a grant of £1,000.

“I would like to thank the Axis Foundation for their generous donation to the u15s team. This will go towards buying the lads tracksuits and kit bags so they can turn up to games looking like the Premier League Champions that they are.
“This season has started just the same as last with the lads winning every game so far, so hopefully it will be another successful year. Hopefully they can win the treble again this season. From the manager, myself, the lads and the parents we would like to thank the Axis Foundation for the donation” Dave Pearson, Team Coach

A lady feeds a sheep at Stepney City FarmDonations

Stepney City Farm

Funding towards urban farm project in deprived community in East London will help educational programme to flourish.

Stepney City Farm is a working farm, providing environmental education and outdoor learning in Tower Hamlets. The grant of £5000 from the Axis Foundation will purchase desks and chairs for their classroom and replace deteriorated furniture.

Clare Hawkins, Chief Executive at Stepney City Farm, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this support from Axis. The positive impact on lives of green space, ecotherapy, working with nature and animals, gardening and green-care initiatives is well documented: the Farm provides a free and unique facility for these activities for local communities in the heart of one of the most deprived boroughs in the country.

“Our Classroom facilities are key to delivering our environmental programming, providing an indoor learning space used for our curriculum-linked schools programme, young and adult volunteering sessions, bespoke workshops, family events, and our dementia intervention group. The upgrade to the furniture will make the space infinitely more flexible and increase our capacity to deliver sessions and further develop our programming.”

The farm hosts curriculum-linked activities for over 5,000 school children every year. Local children, many of whom rarely get the chance to travel outside of the city, can grow their own food, experience rural arts and crafts and connect with nature.

The urban farm project is based in Tower Hamlets, an inner-city community in London with one of the highest rates of child poverty in the UK. Their educational programmes enable local youngsters, including young offenders and children with special educational needs, to build life skills and confidence and reduce feelings of isolation.

Their Farmer’s Market provides the area with a source of affordable, organic produce. The ‘Furry Tales’ programme provides animal-assisted therapy to those living with dementia. Their volunteer programme brings together 500 participants a year, including those with higher level support needs benefiting from greencare activities, and workers who are keen for an escape from urban life.

Youth football players at Basildon Boys and Girls Club.Donations

Basildon Boys and Girls Club

Youth Football Club left jumping for joy after receiving a game-changing grant from the Axis Foundation.

Basildon Boys and Girls Club is a registered charity that provides football coaching and training for children from 7 to 18 years of age with a free Mini Kicker Club for 4-7-year olds. They provide support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Essex-based youth football club is a key player in the local community, keeping kids active and helping them to chase their footballing dreams.

Our donation of £1,500 will pay for the youth football club’s new kit, footballs and essential training apparatus enabling the kids to play the beautiful game with equipment that’s fit for champions.

Matthew Bacon, Club Chairman said:
“All children should be given the opportunity to play sport, it gives them something to focus on and they love meeting up with their friends each week and being part of a team.
“I have been with the Club for over 25 years and it has been great watching the players progress over time. The younger ones in particular are really positive and just love football so much.”

Formed in 1963, Basildon Boys and Girls Club has been providing coaching to young footballers for over 50 years, developing sporting skills of several generations of children.
In the Essex County FA Awards 2018 the club enjoyed double success – with their Club Secretary & Welfare Officer winning Volunteer of the Year and the Under 15’s winning the Fair Play Award. The Club has introduced Youth Ambassadors this season, empowering players within the teams to be the voice of the youth at the club, to help the committee shape the future of the club by providing feedback.

The youth football club prides itself on creating a fun and friendly environment for youngsters to play football, but it’s about much more than just kicking a ball around. Respect, fair play and inclusion are at the heart of everything they do. The club’s coaches help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to build confidence, motivation and stimulate their minds as they progress into adulthood.

Performance at Aldridge Youth TheatreCommunity

Aldridge Youth Theatre

Our donation will ensure that the Aldridge Youth Theatre remains fit for use for local youngsters to enjoy.

Aldridge Youth Theatre
is a community centre in Walsall that gives local youngsters the chance to express themselves through acting. The registered charity, founded in 1975, provides support to 80 people between 10 and 18 years old, providing them with a creative environment in which to build life skills, confidence and team spirit.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £2,000 to the theatre will pay for a new Smoke Extractor Fan. This will provide assurance to the community that the building and those inside it will be safe in the event of a fire. This will make the youth theatre health and safety compliant, so that local children can continue to grow, learn and build lasting friendships in a risk-free environment.

The theatre is the cultural hub of the community, putting on regular plays, weekly rehearsals and live gigs, amongst a range of other community activities. For youngsters, it is a great place to meet like minded people and feel like part of the community. They pride themselves on their inclusive environment, which is like an open family to the people of Aldridge. The youth theatre is particularly beneficial to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, as it gives them the opportunity to build on their self-belief and motivation in an environment where they are free use their imagination without fear of judgement.

3 girls from Amateur Boxing Club, Swale Gloves pose in fight stanceDonations

Swale Gloves

Our continued support for Amateur Boxing Club keeps youngsters off the streets and helps them to reach for their sporting dreams.

For a small, local club, Swale Gloves certainly punches above its weight!

The Axis Foundation has supported this Amateur Boxing Club since 2016: our yearly donations, which total £15,000 in 2018, have helped to cover the running costs of the club keeping it affordable and accessible.

Swale Gloves is based in Sittingbourne Kent and works with 150 local children and teenagers teaching them the art of boxing. Boxing encourages respect and self-discipline whilst encouraging children to have fun away from the computer screen.

“The funds from the Axis Foundation give us financial freedom and enable us to keep subscription costs down – we’ve been able to keep it at the same price for the past six years. We had the funding last year as well which was great; it means we can stay open which is the most important thing. This £5,000 is huge for an Amateur Boxing Club like us it’s nice to have some like Axis who really supports us.” – Wayne Ash, Swale Gloves Amateur Boxing Club

The latest donation of £5,000 will pay for broken sports equipment to be replaced rather than fixed, transport to be covered by the club rather than generous parents and the rent of the hall to be funded comfortably rather than scraped together month by month. Now that’s what we like to call a heavyweight donation!

Two children who attend Kids Care playing on jungle gym.Disability

Kids Care

Children with special needs attend special sleepaway camp thanks to our donations.

Kids Care London runs a summer sleep-away camp called Camp Horizons for children and young people with special needs.

The children are from low-income families who are unable to meet the cost of any holiday let alone that of a special residential camp designed for the specific needs of children with conditions like Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Asperger’s Syndrome.

These kids are often excluded from accessing mainstream sport and leisure opportunities which require a high level of support.

The Axis Foundation made three donations to Kid Care London, totalling £18,000 (£5,500 in 2013, £5,500 in 2015 and £7,000 in 2016). These donations covered the cost of transport and entrance fees to Camp Horizons in Newham including at Olympic Park and Beckton.

“We wish you could have been there to share the children’s extreme joy. They really enjoyed their time on these fantastic trips. Thanks to the remarkable people at the Axis Foundation, once again, the sun shone on the children,” said Hannah Friedman, Kids Care London Director.

At Camp Horizons, the two-week summer programme is specifically designed to promote independence, participation and social interaction. The programme also develops confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst enjoying indoor and outdoor activities including music, drama and sporting events, children with special needs meet other children just like themselves. They overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities. And because of the tranquillity of the rural surroundings they can really connect with nature and the great outdoors.

“When you donated to Camp Horizon, your grant immediately went to work transforming the lives of so many children with special needs who joined our programme this summer. I want you to know that we truly could not have impacted all these children and their families without your help” – Debra Addis, Camp Horizon

Swale Tigers team pose in their new orange football kit.Donations

Swale Your Way Tigers

This leading mental health football club used our funding to purchase new kit.

Swale Your Way is a local support group and their Football Therapy programme encourages those with mental health issues to play sport and improve their quality of life.

Swale Your Way Tigers mental health football club has enjoyed tremendous success: they were crowned victors of the FA People’s Cup in 2018. Our donation of £3,050 will purchase brand new kit.

Toni Golden Team Manager/Coach said: “Thanks to our funding from Axis Europe, the Tigers are able to go out in style and play good quality football in their vibrant new kit.  As we all know when you are looking great you feel great and thanks to our funding our players can enjoy going to matches feeling a million bucks!! Thank you to our sponsors.”

Sport improves the quality of life of people with mental health issues. Kent FA  – impressed by the Tigers’ success evidencing this both on and off the field – have been working with the mental health football club to develop the first mental health football league in the county.

Swale Your Way also works with individuals as they overcome obstacles and move forward with their life. Swale Your Way might help someone enter education or return to work; or find new hobbies, friends or social activities. They also manage psychological wellbeing, solve housing issues and organise finances.

They also run many different trips and projects to benefit their service users empowering them to make positive change. These include a very successful allotment group and successful trips using their popular minibus.

Axis CEO John Hayes handing over mini bus to Maypole charityDisability

Mayble, the Maypole Minibus!

The Maypole Project is a charity which provides a lifeline of support for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families in south east London.

The long and happy relationship between Maypole and the Axis Foundation dates back to 2016. The Foundation donated a minibus to The Maypole Project. Christened Mayble, the minibus transports over 500 children a year to different events and activities. Mayble also carries parents who lack transport to support groups, events and activities.

Sally Flatteau Taylor, Founder and CEO of Maypole, said: “Everyone at The Maypole Project was absolutely amazed and delighted to hear that we were successful in our bid to gain a minibus. It will make a huge impact on the services we can provide to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families – where transport is frequently a major block to access. We will also be able to develop activities and outings that we have, until this point, put on hold! A winning asset all round – thank you Axis!”

Maypole parent Ros Luff said: “I think it’s brilliant. So many of us struggle just with the day-to-day and to get to a place is difficult. It will be great to get on the minibus and support the child there rather than have the child in the back of a small car, trying to take their seat belt off.”

Another Maypole parent told us: “We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the team at Axis for donating our wonderful minibus, Mayble. The Maypole Project organises lots of wonderful outings in their minibus which enable my child with special needs to be alongside their siblings … we think it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you to the team at Axis for donating Mayble, we would be lost without The Maypole Project’s support.”

Funding toys and equipment

Axis Foundation made a further donation (£9,000, 2017) which helped purchase sensory toys and a wheelchair lift.

Sally Flatteau Taylor said: “Those who are chronically ill get great joy out of playing with sensory toys. The wheelchair lift gives direct and easy access to the family support room and the toilet which has been incredibly helpful for the children and their families. It has helped us support so many more children. It gives the children better access inside and outside of the building. The support from the Axis Foundation is amazing  is phenomenal for our charity. We really do appreciate it. It’s been really good to have the Axis Foundation’s support and belief in the work that we do.”

Building a Sensory Barn for Maypole

In 2018 Axis Apprentices created a Sensory Barn in Maypole’s garden. This enabled all Maypole children to play safely in a stimulating and interactive room. It had long been on the wish list at Maypole and Axis was happy to help out.

The full story with pictures and video is here!

Child plays with parent at CHAT children's charity.Disability


Donation provides much-needed rest and days out for all members of Buckinghamshire families with children who have special needs.

CHAT Children’s Respite Charity helps families with children who have special needs in Buckinghamshire. They offer short-term respite care including at-home care packages for (each year) helping approximately 70 people, alongside family day trips for approximately 40 people.

A little money goes a long way to help CHAT: just £20 funds an hour of respite care and can alleviate the depression and resentment towards the sick child which are common within such families as siblings often lose out on quality time with their parents.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £500 will fund summer day trips for careworn families to Gulliver’s Land Theme Park in Milton Keynes. The days out will provide entertainment and holiday spirit as well as much-needed respite from care. On top of transport and entrance tickets, the money we donated will contribute towards providing carers to assist the families on the day out.

Anthea Cass, Charity Fundraiser at CHAT said: “It is a round-the-clock job caring for a sick child, and there is little opportunity for rest or for quality time with other family members. On behalf of CHAT and our families with children who have special needs whom we support I would like to thank Axis for your generous donation. Without the support of organisations like yourself we would be unable to provide these families with the respite care they so need. The respite that CHAT provides to these families is a life line. Thank you.”

Children show Christmas cards they made with charity Accuro.Community


Activities and outings for young people and adults with a disability

For local children, young people and adults with a disability and their families Accuro offers a great range of activities and outings in West Essex. 

Our donation of £5,560 helped transport members to social activities including trips to the seaside, helping to reduce loneliness and provide fun, friendship and entertainment.

“Thanks to everyone at AXIS – you have helped make a real difference to people with learning disability in West Essex. We can help our members learn new life skills, as well as reduce social isolation while increasing their confidence and giving them the independence and opportunity to integrate with their local community ” – Natalie TrapmoreGrants and Trusts Fundraiser

The range of activities for local children, young people and adults with a disability and their families provided by Accuro is extensive.

Initiatives for young people include the School Holiday Support Project offering 8-19 year olds with a disability opportunities to participate in leisure and social activities.

The Saturday Play Club offers 8-16 year olds with a range of disabilities and needs the opportunity to engage in constructive and imaginative play within a safe, caring environment developing confidence and self-esteem plus communication, social and life skills.

For adults with a disability, the Adult Friendship Scheme offers opportunities to take part in leisure and social activities.


See how the people at Accuro spent our donation – and hear their words of thanks as they join us and celebrate our 10th birthday in 2019