Donation buys equipment to help people with learning disabilities advise, train and communicate with potential employers.

Communicate2U provides help for people with learning disabilities who – unless we address their issues – can face reduced educational and employment opportunities – ultimately, a pathway to poor mental health and poverty.

At Communicate 2U there are teams of Occupational Therapy (OT) staff and Communication Experts (a person with a learning disability or other vulnerable communicator, trained to teach others about communication). They have three clear aims: (1) To empower staff in health, social care, education and business with the skills and confidence to communicate with vulnerable people 2) To change the attitudes of employers towards employing a person with additional needs and (3) To provide pathways for our most vulnerable people into paid employment.

For example, Communicate2U have audited written and non-verbal communication at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and advised on designing a sensory-friendly mental health drop-in centre. The intention is to create a more inclusive environment for those with communicational needs.

The Axis Foundation’s Donation of £2000 will go towards purchasing vital equipment including laptops, cameras, a projector and a screen as well as a printer, USB sticks and a mobile phone. This will enable them to provide more effective training and as a result, more wide-reaching help for people with learning disabilities.

Dear Axis Foundation,

We wanted to say a massive thank you for giving us money to buy equipment. It was great going shopping with so much money and we got the chance to choose what we wanted. With all the equipment, it means we are set up to prepare presentations, use the projector, and screen for use as a teaching aid. We can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much,

From all the students and interns at Communicate 2U.