Children with Complex Learning Needs benefit from a sensory garden funded by Swan Housing and The Axis Foundation.

Corbets Tey School is a school for children and young people aged 4 to 19 with Complex Learning Needs. There are 155 students at Corbets Tey, all with special educational needs including communication and interaction difficulties, sensory and physical needs and autism.

The Axis Foundation organised for a team of 20 people from Axis Europe and Swan Housing to help build a sensory garden for the school. The materials for the project were joint-funded by a generous donation of £5,000 from the Axis Foundation and Swan Housing Group. The sensory garden has several beds and paths, all providing different sensory experiences. As the pupils move through the garden, they will experience a range of sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

Corbets Tey School Headteacher, Mr Colin Arthey, said: “This a wonderful project and we are indebted to everyone who took part. The sensory garden will offer a significant improvement to the school’s facilities. The children will benefit from having a wonderful new environment to develop in a multitude of ways. Our children will love using the garden to work and collectively experience sensory enrichment.”