Helping people with brain injuries through therapeutic rehabilitation in gardening haven.

The Axis Foundation has donated £350 to Headway SELNWK, a charity renowned for helping people with brain injuries in Bexley, Lewisham, Greenwich, Lambeth, Bromley, Southwark, Dartford, Gravesend and Medway.

Headway’s work includes helping people with brain injuries to return to community living via social groups, creative projects and rehabilitation programmes.

Gardening is known to be therapeutic. The gardening group at Abbeywood Day Centre comprises eight members. All of them helped compile the shopping list of goodies – polytunnel, seeds, compost and garden tools – our donation purchased. They will be embarking on growing their own fruit and vegetables and also creating an outdoor space to show to visitors.

Because an injury to the brain can leave survivors and their carers feeling isolated and alone, Headway has made it their mission to alleviate this sense of isolation and provide a sense of calm and relaxation into a traumatic situation.

“Being out in the fresh air and gardening helps people to get more energised and the members are all very keen to show people around. It’s been a lovely contribution; it’s just made everything easier so having that contribution is very much appreciated. Your money is going a long way to Headway’s work helping people with brain injuries” – Andy Hirons, Headway Fundraising and Development Co-ordinator