Woman’s Trust to pioneer new therapy for domestic abuse survivors through Axis Foundation funding.

Woman’s Trust is a charity that offers support services to domestic abuse survivors in Greater London. Our donation of £3350 will help them to pilot a new therapy,  in the form of group therapy, for domestic abuse,. Their sessions give vulnerable women a chance to recover, as well as deliver a long-term, positive impact on their mental health.

Group sessions allow women the opportunity to connect with other survivors – Heidi Riedel, CEO

Thousands of women benefit from the support of Woman’s Trust. The group counselling sessions are important because of the networks created through interaction. Women value the support from each other, which differs to the support received  from agencies, families or friends. It provides the potential for a lasting resolution.

CEO Heidi Riedel, thinks that group counselling will be important because it can provide a support network. She said: “We know that some of the biggest issues women have to contend with are around isolation. Group sessions allow women the opportunity to connect with other survivors. They receive encouragement, support, and empathy in a non-judgemental environment so many of the women go on to form lasting friendships.”

Domestic abuse is the single largest cause of depression in women across the UK. It has links to drug misuse as well as addiction and other mental health conditions. The Woman’s Trust has supported more than 14,500 women and provided the equivalent of over £4.5m in vital mental health care for survivors.

To find out more, visit www.womanstrust.org.uk.