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Continuing to develop

Jonathan Nzaku, a year 12 student at Woolwich Polytechnic School in Thamesmead, found a week’s work experience with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust invaluable.

Jonathan first came to the Trust’s attention three years ago when he was in Year 9. He was referred to one of the Trust’s 10 week School Workshops because of his unruly behavior in and around school.

Jonathan had suffered bereavement and had great difficulty controlling his temper and anger management problems.

This resulted in his school arranging professional cousellors to come in and work with Jonathan on a one-to-one basis and him being placed onto one of the Trust’s workshops. Together with the school, Trust staff started to see improvements in Jonathan’s behavior.

After the School Workshop, Jonathan continued to develop and chose to stay on at school for further studies. Last summer he applied for the Trust’s National Citizenship Service (NCS), involving participation in two residential camps, which he attended with other young people.

Jonathan contacted the Trust, that is supported by the Axis Foundation, a few weeks ago asking if they could help him find work experience. The Kickz session at St Paul’s Academy and the Greenwich Targeted Youth provision sessions at the Flowers Estate and Hawksmoor Youth Club were chosen as suitable sessions for Jonathan to work on.

These opportunities have been made possible through various partners the Trust works with including Woolwich Polytechnic School, Greenwich Council, Kickz and NCS.

Jonathan Nzaku said: "Working with Charlton was a great experience. It was particularly good working at Hawksmoor as I used to attend that session myself up to last year. Delivering the session made me realize what good work Charlton do and how frustrating it can be if young people misbehave when you are trying to work with them. Working with the Trust coaches taught me how to communicate with young people and they gave me the guidance to deliver parts of the session which improved my confidence."

Jonathan is studying Sociology, Business Studies and a Level 3 BTEC in Physical Education. He is unsure if he wants to go onto University or apply for an IT apprenticeship but still has one year studying at Woolwich Polytechnic in which to make up his mind.

Youth Service Partnership Manager, Matt Horne, who has worked with Jonathan since those far off days in year 9, said: "Our work with Jonathan is a typical example of the excellent cross partnership work we carry out in Greenwich. Working with other agencies and using the various different projects available within the Trust we can offer superb pathways to development. Full credit must go to Jonathan who has grabbed each opportunity as it has come along. We wish him all the best for the future."