Foundation donates to OXSRAD, a centre that provides adaptive sports.

At OXSRAD 500 people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities can enjoy the benefits of exercise and activities to the limit of their abilities.

In addition, the adaptive sports centre is a great place to gather and meet people socially. Many people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities come here for company, a cup of tea and a chat with like-minded individuals. The centre reduces isolation and loneliness in an already marginalised group. Other users will come to the centre for rehabilitation following an accident or injury. The centre also plays a vital role in the local community and is used by over 1200 local residents, associate groups and able-bodied members. If OXSRAD didn’t exist, many users would simply have nowhere to go.

The centre, based in Oxfordshire, provides various activities and adaptive sports programs such as Rebound Therapy, Archery, Over 50s’ Keep Fit, Gym Classes, Zumba, spinning, a spa bath for water therapy, a sensory room, studio, sports hall, fully equipped adapted gym, bar and café area. The OXSRAD building, opened by Princess Diana, is now nearly 30 years old and still uses the original boiler system to heat the building and supply hot water. OXSRAD secured £5,000 from Sport England and the Axis Foundation’s donation will match this to fix the boiler.

“Securing this funding means that we won’t have to worry about the boiler breaking down any more and will have hot water throughout the centre for years to come. We are extremely grateful to Axis for providing the funding for our boiler project. AXIS is a continued supporter of OXSRAD and makes a real difference to the services that we can offer to our members including people with severe physical, mental or behavioural disabilities and the local community”
Sarah Buy, Fundraising Manager