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A great many people contribute to the Axis Foundation and the causes it supports; donating money, time and expertise - for that we thank them all.

The people featured on this page are the Board of Trustees, assigned to manage the Foundation and its funds to maximise the number of projects and people it is able to help. They have been selected for their experience in running charities, their knowledge of additional external funding opportunities and a shared belief in the values behind the Foundation.


Peter Varney


Peter Varney is Vice Chairman of the Charlton Athletic Community Trust. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Charlton Athletic plc for the period 1997-2008 during which time the football club enjoyed its' most successful period since the 1940s and 1950s.

Prior to that Peter was the Director of the Brain and Spine Foundation and established the charity as one of the most high profile national neurological charities with major fundraising programmes in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

He has a solid business and charity background and his knowledge of the administration and governance of charities will be an asset to the Foundation as it seeks to expand its' support for the communities within it which it operates as a business.