Foundation supports survivors of human trafficking.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation is the only charity in the UK solely focused on delivering employability support, training and resources for women survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK.

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £1,000 will fund travel costs for 50+ survivors of human trafficking so they don’t have to make a difficult choice: for example, of either paying for food or for travel to the support available at The Sophie Hayes Foundation.

Thanking the Axis Foundation, Red Godfrey Sagoo, CEO of the Sophie Hayes Foundation, said:
“For many of our women survivors, the journey to sustainable freedom and a life without fear is all too often a mere dream, over a year we work with the women to turn their dreams into a reality.”

What the survivors say

“Because of SHF I am in college and I have work experience, you make me have confidence in my life.”

“I’ve learnt how to write a CV because I didn’t know. I have confidence that I have my own plan in the future to open my own nursery school. When you come here you know there is options.”

“I’ve enjoyed with this group because… you know when you stay at home doing nothing with stress, I was enjoying coming here, seeing different people different face.You helped myself to relax and reduce my problems. I’ve been coming here seeing different things, when we’re in groups we laugh, we joke.”

More about The Sophie Hayes Foundation

There are an estimated 136,000 victims of modern-day slavery in the UK: recruited, transported or harboured for the purposes of exploitation. As a result of their horrific experiences, survivors of human trafficking face serious mental and physical health issues: they are extremely socially isolated, and denied control over their futures.

Through a programme including workshops, coaching and a community survivor network, The Sophie Hayes Foundation helps women rebuild their lives: lives that will be free of further exploitation.

With the help of the charity, survivors can live independently by increasing their confidence, their social and professional networks, and gaining invaluable work experience, training and education.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation is based in London and delivers the programme in London and the South, Birmingham and the West Midlands and Manchester and the North.

There is more about The Sophie Hayes Foundation here