Our continued support for Amateur Boxing Club keeps youngsters off the streets and helps them to reach for their sporting dreams.

For a small, local club, Swale Gloves certainly punches above its weight!

The Axis Foundation has supported this Amateur Boxing Club since 2016: our yearly donations, which total £15,000 in 2018, have helped to cover the running costs of the club keeping it affordable and accessible.

Swale Gloves is based in Sittingbourne Kent and works with 150 local children and teenagers teaching them the art of boxing. Boxing encourages respect and self-discipline whilst encouraging children to have fun away from the computer screen.

“The funds from the Axis Foundation give us financial freedom and enable us to keep subscription costs down – we’ve been able to keep it at the same price for the past six years. We had the funding last year as well which was great; it means we can stay open which is the most important thing. This £5,000 is huge for an Amateur Boxing Club like us it’s nice to have some like Axis who really supports us.” – Wayne Ash, Swale Gloves Amateur Boxing Club

The latest donation of £5,000 will pay for broken sports equipment to be replaced rather than fixed, transport to be covered by the club rather than generous parents and the rent of the hall to be funded comfortably rather than scraped together month by month. Now that’s what we like to call a heavyweight donation!