Funds donated by the Axis Foundation are helping a hospice in South West London support over 2,000 terminally ill patients and their families with end of life care.

Trinity Hospice support people through end of life care, with their main aim to ‘live every moment.’ The charity provides both in-patient and home care to people with a range of conditions, from cancer to neurological illnesses, as well as respite and education services to their families.
Trustee, Mick Hayes, said about the donation: “Providing care for members of our community is at the heart of the Axis Foundation’s objectives. We see Trinity’s specialist services as vital to improving the quality of life for sufferers and helping them through the medical choices and stages for their illness.”
The Hospice is majority funded by charitable donations, such as the £5,250 from the Axis Foundation which was used to purchase 10 pressure relieving mattress for the in-patient centre.

“Many patients are admitted to us in the later stages of their condition and are confined to bed with limited mobility, explained Zahra Khan of Trinity Hospice. The mattresses specially designed to support end of life care are an essential piece of equipment, able to prevent painful and uncomfortable symptoms, they minimise the risk of pressure build-ups and create a massaging effect that promotes sleeping patterns. The purchase of 10 new mattresses will benefit hundreds of patients over the coming years.”