South London urban dance group for youngsters are able to transform their dance routines through our donation.

Urban Future was formed in September 2010 for children aged 8-16 to learn a mix of dance genres, it provides an outlet for some members of the group with behavioural or emotional problems. Urban Future gives these children the ability to focus and rehearse their routines and keep them out of anti-social activities.

The dancers were practising flips and freestyles without the proper training or mats; they were in need of padded crash mats to ensure they had the safest equipment available to learn their complex routines.

Axis’ Paula Fontaine contacted the Axis Foundation and requested the donation of crash mats. Paula is secretary and chaperone to the dance group and regularly updates and writes content for their newsletters and flyers.

The dancers, who are still in school, attend Saturday classes held by teacher Jerry Dawson and learn a variety of dance covering street dance, commercial jazz, break dancing and freestyle.

Jerry says: “It was a very nice surprise and is very grateful that parents go out of their way to help the kids.  All the kids said a big thank you!”