City-based horse riding therapy centre are able to help more disabled and disadvantaged children local to Vauxhall.

Vauxhall City Farm started out in 1977 with local people working voluntarily to transform derelict land into an oasis of country life in the heart of London. As part of the farms offering they have a Horse Riding Therapy Centre which has been helping the Vauxhall community since opening in 2002.

The project targets disabled and disadvantaged children in inner-city areas where they would not normally have the opportunity to horse ride. In one year the centre provided 1,283 riding lessons to young people and 1,878 riding for the disabled lessons to eight local school groups, stating it’s popularity and demand in the community.

The Foundation has been supporting Vauxhall City Farm, which runs as a registered charity, for seven years as well as Axis people actively volunteering at the farm. A total of £25,000 has been donated to the charity through 5 separate donations since our first donation in 2006.
Feedback has shown that the horse riding therapy project offers a substantial amount of beneficial factors that include increased confidence, relationship building and achieving individual goals and can also act as a form of physiotherapy.

Riding Centre Manager, Linda Hinds said: “Vauxhall City Farm Riding Therapy Centre has had a very successful year since receipt of payment of the grant from the Axis Foundation. We aim to continue to provide the current number of lessons to disabled and disadvantaged children and sustain the much-valued work for the benefit of local young people. We cannot thank you enough.”