Children from economically disadvantaged areas benefit from adventure-based learning programme.

The Wide Horizon’s charity deliver a range of adventure based learning programme activities for all age groups of school children, from day centre nature experiences for primary school children to adventurous activities for older children and young people. They achieve this through their ‘Adventure Learning Partnership’ programme.

Wide Horizons used their £5,000 donation from the Axis Foundation to provide a programme of outdoor education and adventure to sixty children from economically disadvantaged areas.

The donation will fund a week long programme of activities, designed specifically to link with the school curriculum and help with educational and personal development. The children from Marvel Lane and Brent Knoll schools in Lewisham will be selected based on a means testing system to identify those most in need.
Axis Foundation trustee, Tim Hayes explained
We support the vision that every child should have the opportunity to experience adventure as part of their education and throughout their lives. Helping the Wide Horizons charity deliver this to children whose families cannot afford to themselves is why we donated to this local cause.
The benefits to children attending the adventure based learning programme are far reaching and include increased confidence and self-esteem, better communication skills, an understanding of how to work as part of a team and achieving personal goals. These benefits combine to improve the chances of success at school, getting a job or responding to

“The donation to the Adventure Learning Partnership Programme was matched to two local primary schools in Lewisham which proved to be very successful. Each school had an amazing time, infact everyone had a fantastic time.” Lynn Leadbeater, Fundraising Manager.

(The week) was a great success and the teachers and children were buzzing when they returned back to school.” Headteacher, Eddie Dove.