• Born from the Corporate Social Responsibility culture of its founding company, the Axis Foundation aspires to make a positive lasting difference in its surrounding communities and to the individuals within them.

    The Foundation funds projects dedicated to helping improve lives, from the underprivileged, vulnerable and disabled to those who just need a hand to realise their potential. The projects below show the range of causes the Axis Foundation supports and what has been achieved with the money raised and donated to date.

Axis Foundation Feedback Form

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Kindly send photos associated to the Axis Foundation donation or support to info@axisfoundation.com

Where appropriate the Axis Foundation would like to erect a plaque showing our support for your project. Please state below if you have an appropriate and permanent location for an Axis Foundation Plaque

Finally, we ask all beneficiaries with websites, blogs or twitter accounts to please add reciprocal links to www.axisfoundation.org. Kindly confirm below what action you are able to take to show your support for the Axis Foundation