• Each year Axis donates a percentage of its profit, via the Axis Foundation, into charitable and community-based projects in the areas the company operates - primarily London, the South East and the West Midlands.

    The combination of your projects and our funding and support can improve lives; that is what drives us and that is what we'd like to hear about from you. How can we help improve a community or the life of someone in it?

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Can you use a little help ?

If you have a project or cause that will make a positive difference, let us know about it, we’d like to help if we can. Yes our funding application is lengthy, but it’s because we want to know as much about your project as possible so we are able to properly compare the various requests received for funding.

Try and make your submission as detailed as possible.

The Foundation and its funds are managed to help as many people and causes as possible but unfortunately while donations are generous, they are not endless and the information you give will help us make the right funding decisions.

You can complete the application form by clicking on the ‘get in touch’ button below. Your submission will be reviewed by our board of trustees for approval, who will then let you know if we can help.