Momentum Children's Charity hospital room decorated with wildlife theme.Care

Momentum Children’s Charity

Transforming hospital experience for children with cancer and life-limiting illnesses

The Axis Foundation donated £3,500 to help Momentum Children’s Charity‘s transformation of the Frog Isolation Room on the Rupert Bear Paediatric Ward in Croydon University Hospital.

Momentum supports families of children with cancer and life-limiting illnesses living in South West London and Surrey. Children who have cancer and life-limiting illnesses often spend a huge amount of their time in hospital, from their diagnosis and throughout their treatment. Isolation rooms ensure they do not catch any further infections and some children can be in these rooms for up to 10 days at a time.

Bearing this in mind, the new decor at Croydon University Hospital features Momentum’s mascot Mo the Owl and other wildlife including frogs, ladybirds and butterflies and plants. This redecoration project has created a bright and happy space providing the young patients with positive distractions and enriching toys to make their time in hospital a little bit easier.

“We wanted to make a difference for the children and to make their memories of staying in hospital positive. Something as simple as improving the environment can make a huge difference. The Axis Foundation and our other supporters have allowed us to make a massive difference in the hospital and for the children” – Tara MacDowel, Head of Fundraising and Communications

“Enhancing the healing environment in hospitals is a large part of Momentum’s work. Studies have shown that a good hospital environment can greatly improve a child’s recovery time and of course the staff also benefit from a brighter, more welcoming place in which to work. So we are grateful to all of you at the Axis Foundation. With your donation we have been able to transform the Isolation Room at Croydon University Hospital into a wonderful welcoming space for our young cancer patients. … thank you again for your support” – Bianca Effemey, Co-Founder

Man holding baby at Sparks Medical Research CharityCare


Pioneering children’s medical research

The Axis Foundation donated a total of £75,000 to Sparks over two years to help them continue their pioneering children’s medical research. Our donations were raised at the Axis Foundation Christmas Charity Ball, our Celebrity Golf Days and by assorted fundraising initiatives undertaken by Axis people.

“It’s fantastic to have the ongoing support of the extremely generous Axis Foundation. This will make a big difference to the number of projects we’re able to fund, and really help with our aim to give every child the best possible start in life” – Rob Booker, CEO

“Now more than ever there is real hope for children with complex and rare conditions and with your help we can fun even more pioneering child health research. On behalf of Sparks and everyone at GOSH Charity, thank you so much for your tremendous support” – Elvira Morrison, Head of Sparks

Why we chose Sparks

John Hayes, Trustee of the Axis Foundation, recognised the importance of Sparks’ contributions to children’s medical research. So he adopted Sparks as one of the Axis Foundation’s charity partners alongside Demelza Hospice Care for Children in 2015.

Axis Foundation Trustees giving a cheque to Sparks Medical Research Charity
Here we are presenting a cheque for £52,751 to Sparks at our Alan Curbishley Classic Charity Golf Day attended by famous faces such as Roy Hodgson and Sir Trevor Brooking (2017).

More about Sparks

Sparks was established in 1991 and has funded over 290 pioneering children’s medical research projects in universities, hospitals and research institutions across both the UK and overseas including in these fields:

  • The 4,000 rare childhood diseases that are yet to have a cure
  • The 50,000 premature births that take place in England and Wales each year, currently the leading cause of the death of children under the age of five
  • 1 in 30 children born in the UK every day which has a condition that will affect them for life

Sparks is now part of the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity family and supports clinicians and scientists conducting research into treatments and cures of medical conditions affecting children’s health.

Patient and carer at Greenwich Bexley Community HospiceCare

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

Two donations fund specialist medical equipment and increase comfort for patients

The Axis Foundation has been delighted to make two donations to help Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, an important community resource providing end-of-life care with compassion.

2017: Pressure Care Mattresses

In 2017, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice sought funding to buy pressure care mattresses for their 17-bed in-patient unit. The unit cares for around 400 patients per year. We donated £4,000 which enabled the hospice to purchase two specialist mattresses. These dramatically improved the comfort of those experiencing pain and discomfort due to their illness.

“The mattresses really help those in our wards to be comfortable in their beds, with a special system allowing the patient to make the mattress as hard or soft as they want. When we get donations specifically for specialist medical equipment it means that we can improve the comfort and experience for patients. It gives the staff peace of mind because they know that they have the best equipment to help the people that they care for.

“I’d like to say thank you for what you’ve done to support us. The charitable donations that we receive are really important for us as they help us continue to deliver our care” – Kate Heaps, Chief Executive

We are so fortunate to be gifted pressure relieving mattresses for our ward. The patients say that they really help to ease their discomfort.”” – Anne, Hospice Healthcare Assistant 

2013: Syringe Drivers

In 2013, the Foundation donated £6,000 to purchase six Syringe Drivers, specialist medical equipment administering medicine. These are essential for pain management and symptom control.  A Syringe Driver is a small battery-powered pump carried by the patient. It releases medicine slowly, safely and effectively under the skin. It can be used, for example, when a patient is unable to take tablets.

More About Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice provides compassionate end-of-life care for around 2,500 people (per annum). The patients have illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, respiratory disease and neurological conditions. They live mainly in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley.

The Hospice is vital community resource – a lifeline for so many people and their families in truly difficult times. Their 24-hour care programme offers pain and symptom management as well as psychological care, respite, rehabilitation and end-of-life care.

Mary Stevens Hospice for palliative care.Care

Mary Stevens Hospice

Specialist chairs enhance palliative care

The Mary Stevens Hospice delivers high quality palliative care, symptom control and therapy to people living with life limiting illnesses in the Stourbridge area. Last year the hospice provided 66,624 hours of direct care for patients on the In-Patient unit with around 18 patients attending the Day Therapies Clinic per day.

Palliative care often be a painful experience with patients experiencing, anxiety, breathlessness, discomfort and mobility issues as a result of their illness. Each of these issues has a direct and dramatic impact on the self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of a patient and it is therefore important that they are assisted in their daily life.

To help provide some added comfort and independence the hospice used our £4,000 donation to purchase 8 riser-recliner chairs. The chairs will benefit the patients as simple activities such as sitting and standing can be extremely challenging and painful for them. The chairs allow the patients to adjust the position of their seat without the need for assistance, whilst alleviating the pressure and stress on joints and muscles.

The chairs will also reduce the demand and physical strain on the nursing staff by providing the patients with ability to readjust their position themselves.

“Funding like this enables to continue giving the care that we do. The chairs will be a great help to our patients at the hospice as they will give them comfort and relieve pain. What you’ve enabled us to do is enhance the level of care that we’re able to provide” Alex Winstanley from Mary Stevens Hospice


Elderly Woman at daycare centre being supported by unpaid carerCare

Carers Choices

Minibus gives support to volunteer carers

The Axis Foundation has donated £7,500 to Carers Choices to assist them in buying a minibus. The charity, which operates in Essex, provides support for volunteer carers in the local community. They will use the minibus to transport carers and those that are cared for to their daycare centres and facilitate their respite services. This enables the carers to attend appointments, do some shopping, meet up with friends and have some ‘me time’ which can do wonders for a carer’s wellbeing. The Axis Foundation’s support also means the charity will be able to take a group of their clients out for the day, allowing the carers some respite.

 “The very generous funding from the Axis Foundation has enabled us to achieve the imminent delivery of a new minibus to be used by volunteer carers and the ‘cared for’ in the community. The ability to transport larger numbers of our clients, of whom many are in a wheelchair, is key to the provision of a more varied schedule of activities for those most needing the stimulation from the activities or the carers needing respite. Having access to this minibus will open up a whole new world for some of our clients who often suffer in isolation and lonelines” – Angela Allum, Silver Birch Centre Manager

More About Carers Choices

Carers Choices have three daycare centres; two of which provide activity-led stimulation, fun and movement for those living with Dementia. This has a double effect in that it provides a full day of respite for the carer as well as improving the mental and physical wellbeing of the person living with Dementia. The third daycare centre offers specialist care for adults with disabilities ranging from learning difficulties to physical conditions such as muscular dystrophy, quadriplegia, spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Carers Choices also send trained Support Workers into the homes of unpaid carers to assist them in their caring role.



Carer with patient at St Christopher's Hospice.Care

St Christopher’s Hospice

Hydrotherapy for patients in palliative care

St Christopher’s Hospice provides palliative care for over 2,500 patients each year in Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark and is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and  social integration opportunities to all their patients.

We donated £5,000 which the charity used to purchase therapeutic baths. The new baths are completely accessible with various settings from providing gentle massages to vigorous stimulation. They have acute temperature controls to give a relaxing and invigorating bathing experience.

The therapeutic baths can be used by in-patients who are bed-bound or have limited mobility. They can provide temporary sanctuary for the patients – relieving aches, pains and pressures. It gives patient physical and psychological benefits, and independently addresses personal hygiene.

“We’re completely thrilled that Axis have agreed to support us. Your donation will go towards a brand new therapeutic bath, which will really help dozens of patients a year with terminal conditions enjoy a relaxing, comforting bath at the hospice. Thank you!”- Hilary Teare, the Medical Devices Administrator

More About St Christopher’s Hospice

St Christopher’s Hospice is one of the largest in England and the first modern hospice, making it an early pioneer of palliative medicine. Last year, the centre admitted 656 patients into the Inpatient Unit.

Carer at Heart of Kent Hospice looks after patientCare

Heart of Kent Hospice

Specialist beds and chairs offer comfort and safety to those approaching end of life.

Heart of Kent Hospice cares for those who are reaching the end of life. It opened in 1991 after dedicated local people raised funds to build a hospice for residents of Maidstone, Tonbridge, Malling and surrounding village areas.

The Axis Foundation has made donations which have bought specialist beds and chairs to give comfort and support to the 800+ patients  who use the Hospice each year.

In 2016 the Foundation awarded a donation of £12,243 to buy specialist beds for the In-Patient Care unit here.

Vicki Morrey, Heart of Kent Hospice’s Chief Executive, told the Foundation: “Your wonderful contribution has made a real difference to the patients and their families who receive our care at the hospice.

“Each of our ten bedrooms now has a new Enterprise 8000 bed. Our patient Alan said: ‘It’s very comfortable… it’s great to be able to adjust the controls myself.’ The nursing staff have also responded very positively to the new beds because they have helped improved the care they can offer.

“The controls are easy to operate by both patients and staff and the transition between positions is comfortable.

“The beds will enable us to care for over 220 patients every year and we anticipate they will continue to meet the needs of our patients for at least five years.”

Earlier donation

In 2015 the Axis Foundation awarded £3,788 to Heart of Kent Hospice to buy new supporting chairs for their Garden Room. This is a calm and comfortable place where patients and visitors relax looking at the peaceful Hospice garden. However, it had not been updated for some years and the furniture was broken and worn.

“Heart of Kent Hospice is delighted to have been able to purchase new chairs in our Garden Room. Our patients can now benefit from the highest levels of comfort and safety with these beautifully designed chairs.

“Our Garden Room is a lovely quiet space away from the noise and bustle of the rest of the Hospice and is appreciated by all our visitors who use it for spiritual reflection, reading or just some quite time alone or with loved ones.

“We are deeply grateful to the Axis Foundation for making this possible and we offer you a huge thank you.” Sarah Pugh, Chief Executive of Heart of Kent Hospice.

Women in elderly care smiling and holding ribbons at support groupCare

Bishop Creighton House

Providing care service for the elderly and vulnerable

Bishop Creighton House helps disadvantaged, elderly and vulnerable people, those with learning difficulties and low-income families. Established over 110 years ago and based in Fulham, south west London, Bishop Creighton House provides essential care across West London.

The Axis Foundation’s grant of £2,450 went towards their Homeline project. This is a free telephone befriending service for elderly and isolated people. The service will contact medical and social services and arrange visits from a volunteer for a friendly chat or to help with practical tasks like filling out forms. Homeline ensures that older people are not forgotten and that they have a friendly voice to talk to when they need assistance.

“As a small charity, it really is fantastic to be helped by the Axis Foundation! This will go a long way to maintaining the volunteer-run telephone service. The grant will go directly to providing a daily or weekly Safe & Well check for people (with an average age of 82) who are lonely, isolated or have health issues” – Joy Houghton-Brown, Manager for Older People’s Services

“Our telephone befriending is a wonderful service providing over 1,350 friendship and support calls a week to 154 lonely, older people. Thank you again for your kind support of our project” – Joy Wilson, Manager

Elderly patient at North London hospice receives support from two carersCare

North London Hospice

Specialist equipment increases comfort for terminally ill

The North London Hospice is a registered charity that has been caring for local people since 1984. They assist with the specialist needs of those with life-limiting illnesses; providing physical, emotional and spiritual care to patients and families, friends and carers. The hospice already looks after approximately 1,400 terminally-ill patients and their families each year.

Thanks to £4,800 from the Axis Foundation, patients at the North London Hospice will benefit from new specialist furniture designed to provide comfort through supportive postural and pressure care.

Our donation has purchased a pneumatic ‘HydroTilt’ recliner chair that will be available to hundreds of inpatients throughout the year. The specialist equipment protects vulnerable areas of the body from pressure damage and encourages healthy sitting positions, whilst Reflexion foam and Water-cell technology ensures comfort. These chairs will make sure that patients receive the finest standard of care possible.

“An important aspect of hospice care is the individual’s physical comfort. Proper seating plays a vital role in alleviating pain, but these seating requirements are often complex; trying to balance issues of comfort, pressure management, posture control and independence is not always easy” – Isla Stevenson, North London Hospice

Elderly man on specialist mattress to help patients in palliative care at St lukesCare

St Luke’s Hospice

Specialist mattress helps patients in palliative care

In 2014, the Axis Foundation’s donation of £3,800 purchased a specialist mattress to help patients in palliative care at St Luke’s Hospice in Essex.

St Luke’s Hospice provides specialist medical, nursing, social and psychological care to people suffering with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses such as advanced cancer, heart failure and multiple sclerosis.

Patients here spend prolonged periods of time sitting and lying down due to the nature of their severe illnesses. Our mattress, of a unique construction combining air with a soft foam surface designed specifically to alleviate pressure, was particularly beneficial.

As the Hospice relies on donations for over 75% of the funding needed to continue their work, Allison Jones, the Hospice’s Funding Officer was delighted with our donation:

“Without the generosity of organisations like the Axis Foundation, we could not provide care service to the people suffering from these terrible illnesses or support the families who suffer along with them. It’s vital for our community that Hospice’s services are available for those in need; the organisations and individuals that fund us demonstrate our value to the community.”

St Luke’s is a registered charity serving the Basildon and Thurrock districts providing patients and their families with vital care services at no financial cost.