Donation of £5,000 to For Jimmy is our £1m milestone

Partner: For Jimmy

Project: Donation

Here at The Axis Foundation we are celebrating donating £5,000 to For Jimmy – and giving away our millionth pound in donations.

This donation – our second to For Jimmy – not only marks our millionth pound donated,  but also the consolidation of a long-term relationship between our Foundation and For Jimmy. Our first donation went towards their Safe Havens project in schools and to their brilliant bright yellow t-shirts.

Barry and Margaret Mizen founded For Jimmy in 2009 after their son Jimmy was murdered in May 2008. The family works to create a living legacy of forgiveness, peace and hope through three projects: the Safe Havens Programme, Good Hope cafes and Talks for Change.

Both Margaret and Barry were present at the very special presentation ceremony at For Jimmy’s base in south east London, attended also by Trustees of the Axis Foundation.

Peter Varney, Chairman of the Axis Foundation, said: ” We are delighted that our millionth pound is to be given to For Jimmy, a charity that is so close to our hearts and that has had such a positive influence.” While Alan Curbishley, Patron of the Axis Foundation said: “I’m delighted to celebrate donating one million pounds to causes and charities like For Jimmy that really make a difference and have an impact in their communities.”

There’s  more information on our £1 million donated in our eight-year history of giving in our special timeline video here.

Photo shows l to r: Axis Foundation Trustees Sandie Ryan; John Hayes and Peter Varney. Barry Mizen, father of Jimmy Mizen and Margaret Mizen, mother of Jimmy Mizen. Alan Curbishley, Patron Axis Foundation and Axis Foundation Trustees Joe Ibrahim, Michael Hayes and Tim Hayes

Project feedback...

Margaret Mizen, mother of Jimmy, said: “We are so grateful to the Axis Foundation for their support and generosity. I promised my son the day he died I would never stop working on his behalf, and I would never forget him. Of course we never have. The support of the Axis Foundation means For Jimmy can continue to work to build safer communities for everyone. We are so pleased that their one millionth pound was donated to For Jimmy.”

Barry Mizen, father of Jimmy, said: “The Axis Foundation’s original donation helped us with our Safe Havens Programme in schools where a lot of important work is done. These partnerships are essential to our work. Our Safe Havens Programme continues to grow throughout Lewisham and we are working hard to develop Safe Haven projects in other areas. We look forward to a long partnership with the Axis Foundation and would like to congratulate – and thank – them all on reaching their £1 million in donations made to charities and causes like ours.”