Donation to Bright Star Wellbeing

Partner: Bright Star Wellbeing

Project: Donation

The Axis Foundation recently donated £1,000 to Bright Star Wellbeing, a registered charity which aims to help people with their mental health and assist in recovery from mental illness. Our donation will be used to fund a gardening group run by the charity and provide them with plants to commemorate one of the clients who sadly passed away.

Bright Star Wellbeing aims to promote social inclusion within their local community of Kent by working with people who may feel socially isolated due to their disability, race, ethnicity or mental health. Through working with these individuals and offering recreational therapeutic activities, the charity aims to relieve the social exclusion and help them to mix within society and their local community. Clients can attend a range of different groups each of which encourage positive social interaction and provide a safe space for communication, creativity and comfort.

Our donation will be used to purchase gardening equipment and plants, as the group expressed a desire to have a gardening group and plant flowers in memory of one of their members who recently died.

It’s important that we care for our mental health and support others in the community. Funding into mental health within the NHS has been cut by millions of pounds and it is because of this that community services such as Bright Star Wellbeing are a lifeline for people who are in need of support in recovery from mental illness.

Social isolation is a prevalent issue within our society and it is because of this that charities such as Bright Star Wellbeing are essential within our communities as they serve to integrate people into society and raise public awareness of mental health issues.

We are pleased that we were able to support a charity which works to help the local community and promote mental health and wellbeing.


Project feedback...

Christine Pearce, Bright Star Wellbeing: “We’re so thankful to have received this donation as it means that the clients will be able to run their own therapeutic gardening group and honour the memory of their friend.”