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Can you imagine what it would feel like if the world of books was closed to you because you could not see well enough to read? A child not able to read aloud a story with parents, siblings, classmates. An adult unable to enjoy a bedtime story with their child. And what of the endless hours of enjoyment we have gained from reading to ourselves? “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books,” said children’s author Roald Dahl. To some, sadly however, books remain firmly shut. 

The Axis Foundation’s donation of £4,000 to Clear Vision Project was used to produce 100 dual print and braille newly fluent books. These specially-created books put print, braille and Moon (an easier version of braille) together on the page with pictures so that people with a visual impairment and sighted people can read together. 

The titles created, thanks to our funding, included such wonderful children’s classics as The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl (8 copies), Lizzie Zipmouth by Jacqueline Wilson (8 copies), The Big Red Balloon by the charity’s patron, former children’s Laureate Anne Fine (8 copies) and The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith (8 copies). They will be enjoyed by adults and children.

 This charity aims to help those with visual impairment by encouraging literacy and a love of books in children and adults; increasing the availability of books in accessible formats and by promoting the use of braille, Moon and tactile illustrations. Its work is impressive and far-reaching.

• Every new young reader- 43 in 2016/17 – who joins the Clear Vision Library, receives a gift of four free dual format print/braille books. For some children, these are the only books they will ever own, as this type of book is expensive to buy.

• Through their lending library of dual-format books in print and braille and other accessible formats Clear Vision can help those with a visual impairment read – and read together.

• Their books are much in demand from individuals and families, schools and libraries and visual impairment services.

• Since the 2011 decision to change the way braille is written, Clear Vision has been busy adapting their existing books – some will of course require replacing.


Project feedback...

Thanking the Axis Foundation for their donation, Director of Fundraising at ClearVision Project Hannah Scott said: "We were delighted to receive your donation and would like to thank the Axis Foundation very much. With your help we can continue to meet the needs of our borrowers and bring them the joys of reading aloud and sharing books and stories.  The results of our works are proven, opening the world of books up to those with a visual impairment, stimulating, educating and helping them progress and develop. Thank you very much for your kind donation: the support of generous organisations like yourself is vital to our survival and ability to best meet the needs of our users.”