Donation to Elevating Success

Partner: Elevating Success

Project: Donation

The Axis Foundation recently donated £1,500 to Elevating Success, a community training and development organisation, to contribute towards the running of the Lewisham Youth Conference 2017. The money donated was used to sponsor the Youth Achievement Award, which recognises the positive work of young people in their community.

Elevating Success has been running for ten years working with the children, young people and adults aged between 7 and 65. Working with around 1,400 individuals per year, the charity works within six delivery areas, these include: employability skills, personal development, rehabilitating offenders, community development, holiday programmes and event management.

The charity organises the Lewisham Youth Conference which aims to inspire individuals to reach their full potential and to make them aware of the breadth of voluntary and job opportunities that are available to them in their community. Those attending the event were given the chance to experience workshops, performances, talks and informal discussions surrounding the topics of their personal and professional wellbeing.

Project feedback...

Organiser Andrew Brown commented: “We are really grateful for the donation from the Axis Foundation as it meant that we were able to give out three awards and celebrate the commitment and selflessness of the people in our community.”