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The Axis Foundation has recently donated £7,500 to the Freddie Farmer Foundation.

The donation will go towards the charity’s campaign to purchase a LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainer to enable disabled children to walk. It works with children in an upright position to enable the children to walk in the correct walking pattern, it builds up the leg muscles required for walking and encourages a more effective application of therapy in all phases of gait training.


We talk to Karen Smith, Charity Officer for the Freddie Farmer Foundation to find out more about their work.

Can you tell us about the work you do at the Foundation?

“We provide intensive physiotherapy programmes for disabled children. The children predominantly suffer from Cerebral Palsy like Freddie Farmer. But we treat other mobility issues. The children are aged between 3-16 years old. Currently our oldest child is 14. Most of the children are from the local area but we do treat children from further afield – they have travelled to the centre from Scotland, Yorkshire and Malta.”

We saw you have a piece of equipment called The Spider. We would love to know more about The Spider and how it got its name!

“The Spider is basically a ‘cage’ with elasticated bungee ropes that attach to a belt so the child can stand independently while suspended safely. The physiotherapist can work with them and do different types of exercises during which the child can stand, sit and kneel whilst being fully supported.”

Obviously, the Freddie Farmer Foundation needs ongoing support to keep doing your work.

“As well as the ongoing running costs we also need equipment to help with what the physiotherapists are doing. And we always need support spreading awareness of our work, getting our name out there, telling people about what we are achieving.”

Is your local community in Bromley supportive?

“The local community is very supportive. Freddie’s brother plays at Bromley Football Club and we received a donation from them. When Bromley FC get to a certain round in the FA cup, they are given money to donate to a charity. They chose us as their charity last year. We had a few of the players come in. We have some pitch boards around the pitch. They are really getting behind us.”

How can people help more?

“We rely on people to fundraise for us. There are lots of ways that people can help from organising your own fundraising event, from a small cake sale, a raffle to a Challenge event or even a Skydive, if you’re brave enough! The sky’s the limit!”

Project feedback...

Karen Smith, Charity Officer for the Freddie Farmer Foundation, said: "Ninety percent of our children already benefit from the LokoHelp elexctromechanical gaint trainer which we have been able to purchase with your donation. It really makes a difference and has been invaluable to us. The £7,500 donation also completes our £55,000 campaign total. We are really, really happy - it has been hard but we have hit our target now. So a huge thank you from us to you.””