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The Axis Foundation has supported south east London charity For Jimmy with a donation of £5078.

Following the murder of Jimmy Mizen in May 2008, his family has been determined that they will not to be beaten by his death; and that something good indeed will come from it. The charity founded by them, For Jimmy, is similarly determined to create a living legacy of forgiveness, peace and hope.

The three distinct areas of work undertaken by For Jimmy are the Safe Havens Programme  inspiring and equipping  children and young people to build safer and more connected communities; Good Hope cafes where the charity  provides essential community space as well as a Workplace Training Programme for young people with special needs and Talks for Change delivered in schools across the country to inspire young people to take action to make their schools and communities safer places to be.

Improved attendance figures and behaviour at schools in south east London and a growing capacity to build trust in the community are the visible results of the charity’s work.

Our donation went towards funding: ‘Safe Haven’ stickers, For Jimmy t-shirts for each child who takes part in the programme – and monitoring and evaluation reports to schools and funders.

Project feedback...

“Every day For Jimmy works towards building a legacy of peace in Jimmy’s memory and we are very grateful for your support,” said Janet Law, For Jimmy’s Trust and Foundations Fundraiser. “Axis has helped us to inspire young people in schools to take responsibility for building a safer community – connecting with other community members and working together to create Safe Havens to turn to. Thank you again for your support.”