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Sparks is Prioritising Research into Premature Births

Sparks is working to prioritise research into the cause and effect of premature births. This is just one of the many reasons why Axis support Sparks and the vital work that they do. The Axis Foundation began supporting Sparks in 2015 and it is now one of our sponsored charities along with Demelza Children’s Hospice. The charity works tirelessly to support medical research into illnesses and diseases which affect children. One of the key areas that Sparks funds, is research into the cause and effect of premature birth on both the mother and child.

Statistics have shown that there are around a staggering 50,000 premature births throughout England and Wales each year. Currently, it is the leading cause of the death of children under the age of five. The causes of premature births are still widely unknown but it can cause serious complications for both the mother and child.

Sparks was established in 1991 and has funded over 290 pioneering research projects in universities, hospitals and research institutions across both the UK and overseas. This funding has changed the lives of these ill children and their families. Sparks continues to support vital research which aims to give children the best possible chance of a happy and healthy childhood.

Axis admires the work that Sparks does in terms of their support for diseases and illnesses that dramatically affect the lives of children. There are over 4,000 rare childhood diseases that are yet to have a cure and this is a figure that Sparks is working to change. Axis believes in caring for the community and part of this is safeguarding the wellbeing of the new generation that come into this world. It is because of this that Axis is committed to supporting Sparks to ensure that they can continue their valuable work into these crucial areas of research.

The charity has made it their mission to prioritise research into premature births over the next five years. It is through funding the research into this area they hope to find the answers to many of the questions surrounding the causes and effects of premature births.

Axis is proud to support Sparks and the work that they in support research into finding cures for illnesses and diseases affecting children. Axis is passionate about helping people and it is because of this that we donate and fundraise, to causes such as Sparks, as much as we can.