• There is no end to the lengths our supporters, particularly Axis staff, will go to for a good cause. Within this section, we’ll be keeping you up to date on the fundraising activities we initiate and are involved in, the people behind the event and most importantly of all, the results.

    If you're planning a fundraising event, looking for volunteers or would like to publish the results of something you've completed, please click here and let us know.

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Thanks a Million – we’ve donated a million pounds!

Our small charity is celebrating giving a BIG amount to people in need.

Perhaps money can’t buy happiness but our million pounds has bought a lot of care, equipment, therapy, outings and experiences – so if not happiness then a lot of smiles, support and relief to those who need it most.

Nine years ago we started a little charity with a big ambition – to give back to the areas that we are from and where we’ve grown and make a positive difference to the people and communities in those areas. Fast forward to 2018 – and over one hundred and ten diverse causes –  and we are celebrating having donated our one millionth pound.

The Axis Foundation (registered charity) was born from Axis’ corporate values and a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, which saw the business supporting causes within our community. The number of donations and type of support soon grew to the point that creating a charity just made sense.

Since then our funding has helped hospices and specialist nurses to care for those with life limiting illnesses, we’ve contributed to scientific breakthroughs that extend life and provided mobility to those without it, we’ve reduced social exclusion and have given away specially adapted minibuses – to name but a few donations.

The number and size of donations has grown each year but we have stayed true to focusing on small, local and impactful charities and causes – just like a recent donation to the Freddie Farmer Foundation. You can see all the Axis Foundations donations by clicking here.

The donation to east London charity For Jimmy took our total donations over the £1m mark. At the presentation of their cheque, The Foundation’s Chairman, Peter Varney said “Whilst the value (one million pounds) is nice, we like to think about all the people behind the donations. Those who have been helped and those who have contributed, through fundraising and generous giving. This donation milestone celebration represent all of them.”

The funds we donate come from an annual corporate donation from Axis and funds raised through a charity ball and golf-day organised by volunteers at Axis. We are also lucky enough to have the support of Axis people, who put the fun in fundraising, organising everything from waxing and skydiving (not at the same time) to baking and marathons – all in the name of charity.

We are on an exciting philanthropic journey that is just gathering momentum.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, worked with us, fundraised or given – the Foundation, but more importantly the impact it is having is something to feel very proud about. Indeed, thanks a million.


Sandie Ryan, Trustee, Axis Foundation; John Hayes, CEO Axis Europe and Trustee Axis Foundation; Peter Varney, Chair Axis Foundation; Barry Mizen, father of Jimmy Mizen; Margaret Mizen, mother of Jimmy Mizen; Alan Curbishley, Patron the Axis Foundation, Joe Ibrahim, MD Axis Europe and Trustee Axis Foundation, Mick Hayes, Trustee Axis Foundation, Tim Hayes, MD Axis Europe and Trustee Axis Foundation